I am a practicing Hindu, and not just for namesake, but a believer and worshipper. I wrote earlier on how no one forced religion in our household. It was my experience that strengthened my ideas.

Since childhood, I have had a strong belief in reincarnation. I believe that we have the opportunity to choose our own lives before we are born. Similarly, we also have the opportunity to choose our circumstances (in my case, my disability) and our well-being. When we choose our family, we automatically determine our welfare. When I say ‘choosing,’ I don’t mean off the rack and it certainly doesn’t mean we draw lots. What I mean is that God helped us decide our mother, our circumstances, among other things. All this, eventually, facilitates the progression of our soul.



My inherent belief of pre-choosing our lives suggests that I came into this world knowing that I would be meeting my fate. But I also would have known that I would have the innate strength to overcome the baggage that came with it, like anxiety, depression and weakness.

It is my belief that everything happens for a reason and everyone we meet, comes into our lives at a specific time for a defined purpose. You may have heard this one before, but trust me, this is true; all you need to do is believe. You will see the manifestation once you have faith.

When I was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia at 11, I knew I wasn’t going to die with a disability. My soul had to learn something to progress itself..