I graduated from college in 2007. I was an ‘A’ student throughout my academic life as an overachiever. I started working while still in college. I started as an administrative assistant at Campus EAI. I worked hard and long hours because I was very passionate about my job. Despite my health restrictions, I pulled all-nighters and didn’t eat properly. I quickly rose to help with JR’s problem and purchasing.

In 2009 I started Law school. It was a wonderful experience, but lots of hard work. I was unable to continue schooling as the focus of my dedication and passion was my job. I used my scooter in and around the campus as I could not manage on my own two feet at this point. I could work one or two steps alone, but then, I would need a rail or something sturdy to catch myself on.

Once I left law school in 2010, I settled comfortably in my work. It is a family business, so I had the flexibility and comfort I needed due to my disability. I had the opportunity to manage tasks someone like me would not usually get the chance to. By the time I returned from school, I had handled all purchasing and drove all the administrative tasks. A lot of people think it is an entitlement; maybe it is. However, that does not mean I should not be humble or full of gratitude.

These were the hits, but I did have a few misses, too (read mishaps). In these years, I also got my first set of stitches in my head. I had always experienced brutal falls beginning with my head butt into a brick wall in high school that lost me a chunk of hair to tumbling down a narrow unfinished cement staircase in college. As my falls increased, so did the severity, but so did the blessings of God.